My Philosophy "What I Teach"

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Kurt Reetz of Ghost Traders has been mentoring novice and experienced traders since 2008.and has taught his method to swing traders, intermediate-term traders and longer term investors.

Kurt mentors private individuals and small groups in person or on-line.

The goal is to shorten the learning curve by utilizing simple, but reliable techniques for trading the markets in all time frames. 

His students are taught to accurately locate value and market extremes and has created a clean and elegant charting system allowing the trader to clearly visualize great opportunities.

Watch the videos and learn more about the Teaching Method.

Thank you for your interest in private or group mentoring.

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Click on a chart for a larger view.

This is a four hour chart of (ON). This simple custom chart makes it easy for traders to stay in the trade. We can visually see that volume and momentum are moving this stock up. Ghost Traders buy when the candles are green and do not exit the trade until a blue candle appears.

(Zagg) When using this predator chart the entry should be near to the blue dotted line.It is important to learn about the company you intend to trade or invest in. I locate stock in companies with good fundamentals and technicals. Ghost Traders will teach you what to look for.

Keep it simple! The background turns blue ABX crosses over. Enter the trade! This is an easy signal to short the stock. Exit when the background turns white. A major component in trading is to know how to find stocks trending and trading with momentum.

Keep it simple! Here is an easy buy signal for traders. A simple Ghost  Traders custom overlay from a more powerful chart was applied to this chart. The trader buys when the candle closes above the blue line and exits when a candle closes below the line. 


The market is very visual and paints a picture for us.

Learning our scanning and trading techniques is not difficult but like anything, takes practice.

Commercial traders invest in strong companies with good technical's and fundamentals. They are the ones that move the market vertically.

Commercial traders understand the importance of of time, price, volume (momentum), and value. They buy value. Smaller traders should do the same. This applies to any time frame.

Trading works like any auction. When the price of an asset moves too high it is considered unfair. The buying auction will end. Sellers step in and the price will drop until fair value is agreed upon again. The response to fair value will be a wave of buying. It is important that we locate these areas of fair and unfair value before we place trades or invest.